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Ostrava City district relies on Proact to improve its data processing

Like many organisations, the Ostrava-South City district recognised that it needed to re-evaluate its data processes when the European Union implemented the GDPR regulation. Processing personal data in a compliant way goes beyond human tasks, it also depends on IT storage systems and the way in which they are used.

To eliminate unauthorised data operations and find ways to monitoring activities and to remove unauthorised operations with personal data.

We delivered a solution based on two software tools and a five-year maintenance contract. We introduced Veritas Data Insight for file systems and Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology for the terminal points of 350 users.

By combining two software solutions, that mutually complement each other, the Ostrava-South City district not only gains a complete overview of its data and what is being done with it, but also enhances the protection of central file storage as well as at terminal stations.

“Thanks to the new systems, we have a solution that allows us to clean data that we’ve been storing for decades and we now have data processes under control in a GDPR compliant way.”


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