A private cloud to drive growth and automation  Fortnox is a success story in the Swedish software industry. They were pioneers by introducing a web-based platform for accounting services. Success came quickly, and it has lasted.  Fortnox opened for business in 2001, long before Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) was a coined as a concept, but this is […]

Proact hjälper sina kunder att påskynda sina digitaliseringsresor

Svenska myndigheter, som lärosäten, står inför regulatoriska utmaningar kring hur de lagrar data i molntjänster. En ny lösning från svenska IT-företaget Proact låter användaren enkelt hantera sitt data mellan olika molntjänster och samtidigt uppfylla alla krav på datalagring. Svenska lärosäten kan snabbt få tillgång till Proacts lösning tack vare OCRE-ramavtalet.

We advise on your data strategy

We provide our customers with consultancy and architecture services that deliver data strategies. These enable you to meet challenges, deal with complexity and uncertainty and plot a course for success. That’s what we call the #thepowerofdata

Let’s Talk Automation and Cloud Foundation | Proact Let’s Talk Data Podcast

Christian Mohn and Rudi Martinsen talk to us about automation and everything necessary to make it possible. We cover the integral role played by Cloud Foundation, the importance of standardisation and future developments. We also review several use cases and examine which costs exactly are involved in the successful implementation of automation.

University of Gothenburg

 Multicloud backup solution adds to O365 security   The plans for migrating the university’s email servers to the Office 365 cloud were already set. Then an incident occurred that emphasised the importance of reliable backup. The new cloud solution was therefore complemented with local email backup, providing enhanced data protection and recovery capabilities.  Challenge The University […]