Proact Hybrid Cloud

Proact Hybrid Cloud

Enabling availability, flexibility and secure IT services with simple self-service

Are you looking to innovate your IT so you can meet business demands? Proact Hybrid Cloud could be your answer, offering an enterprise class Infrastructure as a Service solution that can address real-world IT issues. With self-service capabilities and the ability, as standard, to integrate with Amazon Web Services and other public cloud platforms, Proact Hybrid Cloud can offer true business agility.

What is Proact Hybrid Cloud?

Proact Hybrid Cloud provides you with the flexibility required to securely bring your IT together into a single, unified and automated IT ecosystem. This service allows you to control your data, regardless of whether it is located in your private cloud or in a public cloud (such as AWS). By opting for Proact Hybrid Cloud, you can benefit from freedom of choice and the ability to, without compromising, choose the best platform for each given task.

Utilising Proact Hybrid Cloud’s self-service portal, you can easily handle your workloads and benefit from a virtual data centre which will be delivered, hosted and managed by Proact’s cloud experts. Proact’s flexible charging models mean that you can cost-effectively scale your solution according to demand, allowing you to deploy applications as and when you need to without having to consider capacity restrictions.

With over 600 experts across Europe, you can take advantage of our international experience and local expertise. This knowledge has allowed us to develop Proact’s proven cloud transition and delivery model, which can be used within the framework of a multi-vendor environment.



    Speed up your IT service delivery and resource allocation, cutting lead-times for deploying applications. Act quickly on changes through self-service and flexible scaling options.


    Proact Hybrid Cloud offers multiple security options, together with the processes and personal skills required for managing security on your terms. We match your hybrid cloud solution to your business and security requirements.


    Satisfy auditor and regulatory requirements, even when blending dedicated and shared resources. We guarantee the location of your data according to your preferences and legal requirements. Choose from several different data centres across Europe.


    With Proact Hybrid Cloud, Service Level Agreements are based on an XLA method (Experience Level Agreements) where customer experience is tested in addition to conventional SLA metrics.


    To relieve your team from daily routine duties, Proact offers a broad service and support portfolio and a customer-centric account team. This allows your resource to concentrate on strategic projects that add business value.


    Our pay-per-use model facilitates cost control and budgeting through clear, predictable pricing. No costs are hidden.


    Using a blend of dedicated resources and burst capacity through Proact Hybrid Cloud, performance and availability standards are always upheld.


    Utilise Proact’s market leading technology, quality of service and experienced specialists.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about Proact Hybrid Cloud, you can download the brochure here.

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    If you’re interested in finding out more about Proact Hybrid Cloud, you can download the brochure here.

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